If you have questions, we have answers!

Q: Where should I start?
A: We recommend you get to know us first. Please visit our Company page to read our mission and understand the vision of how we plan to help every girl #BEaSheEO. Then visit the Programs page to meet each program we have designed to help her #BEaSheEO.

Q: Where will I find the programs of She-EO, LLC?
A: She-EO, LLC is a company currently found in the United States. If there is not a program offered in your town yet, it is coming. Please help us find motivated, creative young ladies to empower and support by visiting Locations page and introducing yourself and your young lady or community organization.

Q: I am a busy mom. Is there a way you can help me keep track of your information, events, new program openings, parenting tips, etc?
A: Yes! Join our mailing list on our homepage at www.BEaSheEO.com. We do not share or sell our mailing list to other organizations, nor do we flood your inbox with daily emails. You should also consider following us on our social media pages @BEaSheEOdotcom on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (links found above).

Q: My daughter already has a product she sells. Which services are made for her?
A: All of them! Your young SheEO would benefit from the enrichment, camaraderie, and business planning in Camp SheEO. She will also benefit from the camaraderie and on-going motivation of Club SheEO. She may not understand all of the terms and responsibilities that come with starting and owning a business. So may we recommend she attend SheEO Academy classes. It may be time for her (and you) to receive one-on-one support, accountability and masterminding for her budding business with SheEO Coaching.

Q: What is the age range for your programs?  
A: The age range for our programs may vary, but are mostly designed with girls ages 6-16 year olds in mind. Each program takes a different approach to becoming or being a SheEO, and the outcome for each girl will be different depending on the girl, her skills, her personality, the degree of prior exposure, and the type of program you choose.  Please  read the descriptions and contact us if you would like more information to support the best decision for your young lady.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Fees vary by program and location. Please click on the program REGISTER button to view prices (note: you may be redirected to an outside registration service). Don't forget to visit our Facebook events page to get information and be updated on site-specific details.

Q: What is included in the registration fee?
A: ALL PROGRAMS give you a unique experience, professional facilitation and activities, program materials and a proprietary curriculum from a trained Success Coach (instructor). Some programs include gifts or meals. Occasionally, an additional materials fee may be assessed during registration.  Before and after-care is offered at some locations under a separate arrangement.

Q: Is there a membership fee?
A: There may be a membership fee for Club SheEO. However, it varies by program. There is NO membership fee (currently) for classes or camps. Please visit our program description for details.

Q: Can I register today?
A: SURE! However, there may be a break in registration if a session has recently started (or ended). Each program has a different registration schedule.  Program registration dates can be accessed on our Locations page and our Facebook events page. Click on the program of your interest or call our office for assistance. Registration is NOT typically offered on-site (unless noted by the registration information).

Q: Where can I find the requested Participant Form(s)?

A: ​Our She-EO, LLC Participant Information and Waiver form is found by clicking on the "yellow pencil" on the camp or programs page. Keep in mind, our site host or community partner may have their own forms that they require you to complete for your daughter. If they do, we will let you know (or you will be contacted directly by the partner).

Q: I registered but our plans have changed and I need a REFUND.

A: If your plans have changed, we understand. Please contact the event host through whom you registered. If you registered directly with She-EO LLC, refunds requested four or more days prior to the event will be honored in full. A partial refund will be made 3 or fewer days until the start of the event. No refund requests will be processed on or after the first day the event or program for which you have registered. NOTE: The Girl Scout program refund process is different.


However if you registered for a She-EO LLC program through a partner program host, your refund request will be subject to their refund policies which may be different than ours at She-EO LLC. Please consider this when registering. Always feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Q: My daughter just attended a program. What is next for her if she wants MORE?
A: Remember, there are many camps and classes. Be sure to take advantage of them all. They are described on our Programs page.

If she attended Camp SheEO or a SheEO Academy class and she HAS a product or service developed, you may want to consider enrolling in our SheEO Club or Coaching services for year-round enrichment and empowerment.

If she attended Camp SheEO and she does NOT HAVE a product or service developed, you may want to consider enrolling in a SheEO Academy class or SheEO Club for year-round enrichment and empowerment.

If she has attended SheEO Academy classes to increase her awareness of entrepreneur career opportunities, become financially literate and prepare to be professional, we think she would enjoy the chance to PLAY, PLAN, and PITCH at Camp SheEO.

If she is graduating high school soon, she is eligible for our college internships and Success Counselor job opportunities.

Q: I am Girl Scout (or Youth Group) leader. Do you facilitate badge workshops for local troops?
A: Yes we do! Our local program instructor will facilitate badge workshops. We even have a "BE a SheEO" Funpatch. Please visit our Girl Scouts page to schedule a troop workshop or register for a group event. 

And if you are a youth group leader, please introduce us to your church or community association. We have mini-workshops to offer on the topics of 1) entrepreneurship as a career, 2) budget building, and the popular 3) Vision/Dream Board Parties. There is more information on our Community page.

Q: My Girl Scout troop held a workshop but we did not receive a fun patch in our take-away bag. Why not?

A: If this the second time your Girl Scout has attended a badge workshop this year, then she will not receive another fun patch until the next Girl Scout year. If this is her first badge workshop this season with SheEO Academy, then there must have been a mistake. Please contact your local program office.

Q: I don't see my location listed. How can I get SheEO classes or coaching in my area?
A: We are sad we cannot help you, but we are glad that you are interested. Please visit our Locations page and complete our contact form if your state is not listed there. A team member will reach out to you and explore the opportunity to empower girls in your area! 

Q: Are speakers available for community or school events?
A: Yes. Please visit our Company page and let us know where you are and what you are looking for. We have coaches available to speak on various topics, such as 1) what is entrepreneurship, 2) the career of entrepreneurship, 3) why it is important to introduce girls to business, 4) entrepreneurial leadership and social entrepreneurship, 5) why your hobby - or best subject - may be the next great business idea, and more! Contact one of our Success Coaches today or book our CEO for an engagement.

ALSO… you can host your own PRIVATE CAMP, CLUB or ACADEMY! Call or email us today.

Q: I have a son. Do you offer programs for boys?
A: Not at this time. As much as we appreciate the enrichment of all children, it is our mission and calling to inspire the next generation of female business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators and community leaders.

Q: Is there a multi-location INCLEMENT WEATHER policy?

A: SheEO Academy follows the INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY of the event's local area school system. Local school systems will typically post their decisions to close or delay openings on their district website. The local Program Director will also attempt to communicate weather-related decisions on our company's local social media profile or via an e-blast (if necessary).




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