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Does your young lady want a Birthday Party designed especially for a “SheEO”? Are other party packages “too girlie” or “too traditional”? SheEO parties celebrates a girl who is in charge and wants to share her vision with her family and friends!
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THE Experience for Motivated & Creative Young Ladies! Join other "future CEOs" as we DREAM it, PLAN it, DO it and OWN it. Campers will create a dream board and business plan, and receive a workbook and tote bag. Young leaders, start with the "First Step." Girls with a product or an idea, go to the "Next Step." Spend 1- or 2- days experiencing a “Little SheEO.” Bring a lunch, snack, drink and IDEAS.
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Enrichment and Career Exploration Programs for young ladies ages 9- 15. Professional and Leadership Development, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy. Our goal is to educate, expose and empower young ladies by teaching goal-setting, planning, business and money management skills as a foundation to achieve success, self-sufficiency and become happy . . . Future SheEOs!
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Ready to Be a SheEO? Then, LET’S GO! We will work one-on-one to provide the individualized mentoring and support every budding little SheEO can use to take her to the next level.
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Club SheEO

Join other girls your age in brainstorming, developing, and carrying out business plans on the way to becoming successful SheEOs™!  Unlike the Academy or Camps, which run for a limited period of time to impart skills, Clubs are a great way to keep the learning and sharing going year-round.  They also provide an excellent way for up-and-coming SheEOs to join in celebrating each others’ successes along the way.
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